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Our Services

Boats & Cars

We specialize in all car and boat interiors and designs. Wide range of colours and materials to choose from.  All custom made or you can choose to keep ur original design.

Door Trims

Old or worn out vehicle doors can be made new again by restoring them according to your designs and choice of colour.

Custom Interiors

Custom made and designed interiors for you car or boat, choose the colours, design and materials that you would like from a range of colours. Also choose from a diamond stitch finish or an elegant original finish.

Home Furniture

Any damaged or torn furniture can be easily restorable and made as good as new. We also custom design home furniture. Choose your colours. With a wide range of exceptional colours and materials available to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Roof Liners

Falling or sagging roof liners are our expertise. Colour matching available or you can choose to give your car a new look with a new colour. The choice is yours.

Leather & Vinyl Restorations

Anything that is leather or vinyl and is worn out or torn, we can repair for you without you having to worry or stress.

Motorbike & Jetski Seats

Love your motorbike or jeski even more with a custom made seat that’s sure to stand out from the rest.


We change all carpets for cars, vans, boats and more.

Tonneau Covers

Protect you load and trunk with made to order tonneau covers. Choose you colour and design.

Barber Chairs

Give you salon a fresh look with custom made chairs and designs.

Restaurant Chairs

Give your restaurant a new look with custom designs and many colours to choose from.

All upholstery repairs & services

We can repair anything you need, with our strong can do attitude.

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