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Upholstery Repairs Burwood

What do you need to get done for the upholstery in your home in Burwood? Are you seeking specific, talented residential upholsterers from a dependable upholstery services company like ours, SN Upholstery?

And the things you need to get done from the commercial and residential upholstery services perspective in Burwood include:

All and any upholstery repairs in Burwood, furniture upholstery repairs and services, reupholstery, vinyl upholstery repairs and repairs and replacement of curtains made of any material.

Now, SN Upholstery also specializes in automotive upholstery repairs and services in Burwood and accordingly, in this connection, you could get us to:

  • Take care of car upholstery repairs.
  • Carry out auto upholstery repairs and replacements.
  • Change either the leather upholstery or vinyl upholstery in the vehicle, truck, van, bus, and car.
  • Change the car interior designs.
  • Extend automotive mobile upholstery service to clients’ in and around Burwood and beyond.
  • Have a good know how of motor trimmer techniques for car upholstery and more.

Yes. Upholstery service is not easy or something that can just be done. It requires a good know how and different types of upholstery services requires a different approach and understanding. So, if you are looking for vehicle, truck, van, bus, and car upholstery service experts, then a strong understanding of automotive and what is trending and how to go about it should be known.

Likewise, for residential and commercial clients’ if leather, vinyl, or cloth upholstery service, repairs and revamp is required, then experienced upholsterers from SN Upholstery take care of it accordingly.

If you want the best commercial and residential upholstery service and repairs in the Burwood area, and want motor trimmer and car interior designs specialists, call 0420 640 440 or write to us at

Upholstery Repairs Burwood