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SN Upholstery is a family-owned and operated furniture and motor upholstery and carpet installation service in Sydney. And we have over 10 years of experience in upholstery repairs and services in the automotive, commercial, and residential areas. Yes. We agree, whatever car upholstery service you are looking for be it auto upholstery repairs, carpet installation, wanting to redo the interiors of your car with custom interior designs, carpet change or wanting to fix diamond stitch seats or car leather seats in Sydney, finding the right upholsterers in Sydney is key. Now, when it comes to your car & van upholstery in Sydney, what are the things you want done? Or what do you have in mind? Better still, the upholsterers at SN Upholstery will give you a quick walk through about the car & van upholstery services we offer clients’ in and around Sydney. When the new motor upholstery is being laid, it is but natural to revamp the car interior designs, or as part of the new car interior designs, everything is carried out. And as part of this, if you need diamond stitch seats for your car or vehicles, car leather seats accompanied by custom interior designs, you can just let our upholsterers know. You may need a car carpet change and yes it may be time to replace the existing car carpet, then new carpet laying, car carpet installation will also be a part of the changes you seek as part of the motor upholstery revamp. And this is something we at SN Upholstery take care of. If at any time you only need car roof upholstery repairs, any type of auto upholstery repairs or car upholstery repairs in Sydney, we will more than take care of it. If you want to speak to the best auto trimmers in Sydney for car carpet installation, to replace car carpet, and carpet laying, contact the upholstery specialists at SN Upholstery. To know more, contact us on 0420 640 440 or write to us at [email protected]

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